Product Review: Kotex LUXE

There is always a time of the month whereby I feel very insecure and uneasy. The worry of period leakage always make me feel super conscious that I will go to the washroom and check very often. Thus I am always elated to find new products that can set my mind to ease on that special time of the month.

I remembered that Kotex was the first brand that I used when I had my first menstruation. During then, the packaging was not as sleek as now. In fact, I like the packaging better now as each indivdual pad is wrapped in beautiful bright colours. Somehow, this brighten me up a little when I reached for a new sanitary pad. On top of that each pack comes with a draw string top whereby we can keep the new sanitary pad properly in the pack without them falling out of the pack. 
For the Night time usage, it is a 32 cm long double wings sanitary pad with new Honeycomb Liquid-Locker. This is specially designed for rapid absorbency and to lock away the fluid. This technology helps to prevent back-flow. Thus the skin feels dry and comfortable. While the honeycomb centre helps to keep your skin dry, the surrounding soft cottony surface provides you with ultra comfort. On top of that, with the new star-contours embossed surrounding, there is additional security and leakage protection. So now we have no more worries on period leakage even on days when we have super heavy flow.
The all new KOTEX LUXE® Ultrathin pad for day time is a 24cm pad where softness and dryness come together. Now you can feel fabulous and on top of your game even on your period days, no more compromises!
A comparison was also done comparing Kotex® Luxe Ultrathin 24cm with Singapore’s leading brand by a third party lab tests in May 2014 using Kimberly-Clark test method. The new and improved Ultrathin pad allows user to experience up to 3x faster absorption!
Amazing isn't it? No wonder the tagline is "The pad that will help you realise that overnight period leakage is never your fault".
Good news for all who wants to give Kotex LUXE a try before you buy the whole pack, you can now redeem free sample from the Samples Store and KotexFacebook page. YOu can also find out more about Kotex LUXE on their website where there is some Kotex product comparisons. Both Kotex Luxe Ultrathin WG Reg & Kotex Luxe Ultrathin WG Hvy are available at major supermaket, watsons and guardian at $5.95 per pack.

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