Sunday, 4 October 2015

+ Sixty6 Thai eatery near Dhoby Ghaut MRT

I am always on the quest for delicious Thai food as it is one of my favorite cuisine. After hearing Daniel vaguely mentioned about + Sixty6 which is located at Campus 1A, I was tempted to go. So when I saw his blog post, I told J that we must have that for Sat's lunch. heeee 

Just like what Daniel has mentioned on his blog, it was very quiet during weekend lunch. In fact we were their first customers. Thus, we got to talk to one of the co-owners, Kuan. Kuan is a quiet and humble guy who started operating Sixty6 at a stall inside a coffeeshop in Waterloo street with several partners. However after operating for a while, with a stream of regulars, Kuan wanted to provide more varieties and quality thai food to his customers in a more comfortable setting. Hence, when he saw this current space, together with one of his partners, they decided to take up the space even though it means a higher rent with bigger stress. Kuan also shared with me that he would personally do marketing of seafood and other ingredients for freshness assurance. Just in case you are wondering where is Campus 1A, it is actually located between the famous Rochor Beancurd and Wilkie Edge. And yes, there is ample of parking. (Free for now too!) =)
Thai Bandung ($3); Dark Thai Iced Tea ($3)
Per recommendation by Kuan, we had the Thai Bandung and Dark Thai Iced Tea. Kuan was very nice to share with us that for his Cha yen (Thai Milk Tea) and its counterpart, Dark Thai Iced Tea, he is using the Cha Dra Muer (ชาตรามือ) aka Number One Brand to give the tea an authentic taste. Personally I like the Thai Bandung and the fact that the sweetness of the beverages can be adjusted. The Thai Bandung tasted somehow similiar to the the local bandung that we usually have but not as sweet and more aromatic. It has a more distinct floral note. =)
Tom Yum Seafood ($15)
The Tom Yum Seafood was served in a "gong" (container in hokkien) which has an uncanny resemblance of the container I used to scoop water to shower when I was just a kid staying in grandparents' kampung house. I kid you not when I said this is one of my favorite place for tom yum soup now. The soup was loaded with generous fresh ingredients (prawns, mussels, squids, mushroom...etc), well balanced flavours and a serving enough for more than 2 pax. I remembered that I had 3 servings on a smaller bowl but there is still a lot of the soup left. Best of all, you can tell the service crew how spicy you want it to be when you placed your order. We asked for the usual spicy level which J finds it not spicy enough while the spiciness is just right for me. So for peeps who can take spiciness very well, do ask for a spicier version. =0
Deep Fried Pork with Garlic ($14)
The deep fried pork with garlic was done slightly different at +Sixty6. Instead of frying the pork chunks directly with the garlic, they were marinated overnight, coated with a batter, deep fried before they are fried with the garlic. This resulted in something more flavourful and juicy. 
Sambal Kangkong ($8)
As J was not a huge fan of long bean, we requested to have the sambal long bean changed to sambal kangkong. Fried using a homemade Thai sambal chilli, the flavours are slightly different from the usual sambal that we know. It is surprisingly not as spicy and does not have the pungency of the local sambal belachan.
Thai Prawn Cake, Chicken Wing and Pandan Chicken
While J and I were having a hard time deciding the appetizer, the owner graciously offered to do a mix of appetizers for us. Maybe like the Thai believes that the first deal of the day is very important, thus being the first customer of the day has its advantage. =D
Amongst the 3, the pandan chicken has J's vote for its unique taste of flavours. It was later revealed to us that it was marinated with a mixture of thai spices and satay sauce. Personally I like homemade Thai prawn cake for the freshness of the ingredients used.
Good news for those who are working around the vicinity, there are lunch set promotion ($25 Nett/ 2 pax or $48Nett/ 4pax) with 1 for 1 beverage for every lunch set ordered. There is a promotion for students with any mains ordered, they will get a free drink of their choice. Well, I thought that was quite affordable as it is only $6 nett. Yup, no GST or service charge. So do check out the place if you are around the vicinity and in the mood for Thai food.

1A Short Street  #01-03 Singapore 188210
Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 12pm to 3pm,
                                          5pm to 10pm
Tel: +65 9858 9790

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