Saturday, 3 October 2015

Italian Espresso Workshop @ Bottura

Suntec City has recently under went a major revamp and is now more inviting with all the new shops. I was actually very happy about it as there are now more new eateries and shops. Bottura is one of the restaurants that is located at Suntec North Wing between Tower 1 & 2. On one of the occasion, I have joined Eleanor for an Italian Espresso Workshop run by Campenelli Vito from Essse Caffe.

Essse Cafe is established in 1979 by the Segafredo family in Bologna. Essse is spelt with triple Ss ("Scienza, Sapienza, Specializzazione") which stands for Science, Knowledge and  Specialisation in Italian. These 3 values also sum up the company's philosophy, 
Today, Essse Caffè is a successful brand, well-known in Italy with a coffee training academy "La Classe di Essse" Training Centre.
To be frank, after learning more about specialty coffee, I am always curious about the differences between the coffee from the first wave to the third wave. While the third wave movement talks about producing high-quality coffee with emphasis on each of the process (from the origin of the harvested bean to the roasting and brewing), second wave is all about the defining the enjoyment of specialty coffee. While the third wave peeps believe in pulling an espresso shot then froth the milk, Mr Campenelli Vito shared and demonstrated how milk frothing can be done before pulling the espresso shot. All in all, Mr Campenelli Vito made more than a dozen of espresso based beverage for us to sample.
It was an enjoyable night where I learnt more about how the Italians drink their coffee and the variety of coffee that they made for every occasion. From the usual cappuccino to latte art, from bicerin to caffè corretto, Mr Campenelli Vito shared with all the coffee enthusiasts who attended the espresso workshop. For me, it was an eye opener to learn the variations of espresso based beverages we can make from morning to night. Who says caffeine is only for the day?
Although there are small bites provided before the workshop started, I was still feeling hungry after the workshop. Thus Eleanor and me ordered a thin crust pizza to share. While I have heard raves about the pizza here, I would still prefer the pizza at Number 5. Imo, there is hardly any pizza that can fight a freshly baked pizza from Number 5. To be fair, the pizza here is decent, definitely better than those from the fast food chains. 
Thank you Eleanor for the invite to Bottura for the awesome espresso workshop! Cheers! Weekend is here again!!!

3 Temasek Boulevard #02-472/473/474 Suntec City Mall Singapore 038983
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 10am to 10pm
                 Weekends and Public Holidays 11am-10pm

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