Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Media Tasting: Fuku Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant

How often do you engage in a little bit of risk while enjoying some beautiful cuisine? We have all heard that consuming fugu (河豚) aka puffer fish is as good as risking death. Well, I have a magnificent feast of fugu and not just any ordinary fugu, is Torafugu, king of all fugu and survived!!! Fuku Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant is the first-ever restaurant in Asia outside of Japan that specialises in fugu. I am both honored and blessed to be invited to a media tasting with Edsmond, Hazel and Wilson.

Superfood event @ Eden's Kitchen

With surging popularity in locally made food products and health trends, we stumbled upon 4 Singaporean brands carried by Eden's Kitchen, an organic snacks/ healthy food specialty shop housed in the quaint Everton Park. Apart from supporting Singapore brands, the shop also stocks organic green tea powder and tea bags from Fukuoka and Mie prefecture in Japan, and aims to educate consumers about healthy food choices. The shop owner, Ee Jia will be conducting a fermentation workshop on probiotics on 15th August (Please call Eden's Kitchen for more information).

Monday, 29 June 2015

Cafe Hopping: Do.Main Bakery at Tanjong Katong

I have long heard about Do.Main Bakery which is located along the stretch at Katong for its delicious fine bakes. It is the brainchild of French pastry chef Frederic Deshayes, the former Head of Pastry at Sunrice Global Chef Academy. However I was always deterred by the distance of travelling from the west to the east. Thanks to Dilmah "Host a Dilmah Real High Tea" challenge, I was invited to the media tasting for Do.Main Bakery's High Tea Set. Thus giving me a push factor for this long overdue visit.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

"Host a Dilmah Real High Tea" challenge

Counting down to Global High Tea Challenge, Dilmah Tea has organised a series of events to re-ignite  ‘tea’ in high tea. As mentioned in my previous post, there is also a "Host a Dilmah Real High Tea" challenge for any cafes and restaurants in Singapore to participate.
10 cafes have joined the challenge till 28 June. Each of them has come out with an exclusive tea-inspired high tea menu and the winner will walk away with an all-expense paid trip to Sri Lanka in November.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Cafe Hopping: Snowy Village

When I first heard about the container that sells bingsu in Bugis, I made a mental note to die die must check out this Korean Bingsu place, Snowy Village. I am a big fan of the melt in your mouth bingsu texture. Hence, last week I suggested to my TKD friend to meet there for a catch up session. Just in case you are wondering what is TKD, it is Taekwondo. Yes, I used to learn Taekwondo but my love for food gets the better of me. Resulting in me carrying a spare tyre around everyday. =(

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Beauty Review: Salicylic Peel Facial at Skinlab (Wheelock Place)

I don't know why but Wheelock Place always reminded me of overseas in a good way, as if I am on holiday. Coming here always gives me a sense of tranquility and peace. Behind this conical facade also house some of my favourite retail stores e.g Marks & Spencer, Melissa, Sunglass Hut..etc. But as I rarely explore more than level 1, unknown to me Wheelock Place also houses an array of beauty/hair services, aesthetics, medical and dental services. Recently I was invited to do a facial at Skinlab The Medical Spa.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Media Invite: Trapped Escape Room Singapore

School holidays are almost coming to an end! Are you like many who did not know where to go and yet want to spend some fun time with your friends? Good news for you as Trapped Escape Room is having a promotion for all students below 21 years old! So what is Trapped Escape Room?

Monday, 22 June 2015

Food Review: Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay in Singapore MBS

The much anticipated Bread Street Kitchen by internationally renowned Michelin-star chef Gordon Ramsay has finally opened its door in Singapore!! For all Masterchef and Hell Kitchen lovers, I am sure like me, you are looking forward to try the food by this fiery chef. No, Gordon Ramsay's famous beef Wellington is not spotted on the menu. But we spotted other interesting dishes.  

Friday, 19 June 2015

Food Review: House of Peranakan Petite @ Tiong Bahru Estate

Tiong bahru estate
Besides Thai food, Peranakan food aka nonya food is a cuisine that I really like. Nonya food is a marriage of Chinese ingredients with Malay herbs, spices and cooking techniques. Peranakan cuisine was born when the early Straits Chinese migrants married Malay wives. But to me, it is like an early form of successful fusion food :p 

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Product Review: Jwel Ice Cream

For someone who has sweet tooth, ice cream is one of my favourite choice of dessert after dinner. I remembered when Jwel was just launched into Singapore, I tried it at the supermarket and instantly liked it. Thus I am very excited to try the new flavours that were launched to celebrate its first year in Singapore

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A High Tea Date with Dilmah in Singapore Style

Dilmah's "Tea Inspired Me" challenge
Are you a tea lover? If yes, congratulations! Here is a chance for you to win a 10-days all expense paid trip to Sri Lanka. As a prelude to the grand finale of the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge in Sri Lanka in July, Dilmah has launched "Tea Inspired Me" online competition. Besides standing a chance to win a 10-days all expense paid trip to Sri Lanka, the winner gets to witness Singapore representative, Tess Bar & Kitchen compete against 13 representatives from other countries.

Chabuton's new Yoruton Ramen, the chilli lover's dream ramen.

Millenia Walk
Congratulations to Chabuton for opening its 4th flagship in Singapore. To celebrate this milestone, Chabuton has launched a new ramen,Yoruton Ramen. I am blessed to be invited to witness the opening ceremony together with many other bloggers few weeks ago.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Product Review: Win Win Food

Just wondering, am I the only one who is constantly hungry? When I was working in my previous company, 4pm is the unofficial time for me to have my tea break. I would usually buy some food during lunch to eat for my tea break. If not, at times whereby the weather is not kind and rushing back office seems to be the only right thing to do, I relied on my snacks in the drawers. Recently, I was introduced to Win Win Food which offers a variety of snacks e.g cookies, mini pockets, potato crisps, cereal crisp...etc. 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Food Review: Good Chance PoPiah New Outlet @ 1 Jalan Berseh

Good Chance Popiah has opened a new outlet! It has been known for its DIY popiah and it is always a must order for many during home gatherings or potlucks, especially popular during Chinese New Year. But do you know that Good Chance also offers a variety of Tze Char dishes? Neither do I. About 2 weeks ago, together with Dr Leslie Tay and a group of foodies, we made our way down to check out the new outlet of Good Chance Popiah at Jalan Berseh.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Food Review: Noodle Cafe @ Sim Lim Square

There is something about Thai cuisine that always has a place in my heart. I like how the flavours, texture and colours come together and create an unique harmonious party in the mouth. One of the Thai street food that is very popular with Singaporeans is the Thai boat noodle, Thai style noodle in tasting portion. Bet everybody knows where to go in Bangkok for the Thai boat noodles but what about in Singapore?

Friday, 12 June 2015

Garden Picks, a healthier way to snack

nuts and dried fruits
To be frank, I am not someone who likes to snack on tidbits. I hardly snack but if I do, I will try to choose something more healthy such as nuts or dried fruits. After all if we want extra calories, might as well get something that is more nutritious and healthy, right?
Recently, I was introduced Garden Picks, an snack supplier with a production factory based in Singapore. Besides nuts and dried fruits, they also supply rice crisps, pretzels and soy crisps.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Review on Singapore Online Shopping Portal - GoBuyLah.sg

Credit: Financial Express
I believe there is always a shopping king/queen in us no matter how old we are. Some of us splurge on make-up, clothings while others shop for other stuff such as electrical appliances, gadgets, healthcare, grocery..etc
With the advancement of technology, I am sure I am not the only person who like to shop online. I like the idea of shopping anywhere anytime without worrying about the retail operating hours. But there are too many choices online and I silently wished that there is an online portal that I can do my one stop shopping. Thus, I was quite happy when I get to try the service of this online shopping portal that literally sell everything.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Food Review: 1933 Singapore @ Capitol Piazza

1933 is the latest F&B venture from the BreadTalk Group that opened its door in the month of May. With a setting of the nostalgic colonial Singapore and strategically located next to Angelina tea room, it is not hard to fall in love with this place. 

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Travelogue: Sydney Holiday 2015 - Day 2 part 1

Sydney QVB
Queen Victoria Building
I read it from somewhere that the peeps from Sydney are lovely nice people unless you screw up their coffee. Thus, the first thing we did on the second day is to go coffee hunting. We started the day by walking around CBD area near QVB as opposite the building, there are 2 awesome cafes which I wanted to try.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Media Invite: Simply Aesthetics Soft Opening @ Capitol Piazza

Buildings are being reconstructed, revamped or built at a very fast speed in Singapore. Capitol Piazza is one such example where the old meets the new. Retaining the heritage Capitol building facade, there are new wings with many new and exciting F&B and retail outlets (some are in midst of opening while we speak). Two Saturdays ago, I attended one of the soft launch of an aesthetic spa, Simply Aesthetics, located in Capitol Piazza.

Food Review: Media Tasting at The Royal Mail

The Royal Mail is located at Ascott Raffles Place and has recently celebrated its 3rd year anniversary. But I have only came to know about this place this year when J went there for dinner with her friend. Guilty much, I am such a lousy food blogger. Anyway just before my Sydney trip, I was invited for a media tasting to try some new items on the menu. After hearing good reviews, I jumped at the opportunity.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Food Review: Media Tasting at FYR Cycene Ond Drinc

Boon Tat Street
For peeps who are working around Boon Tat Street, I think some of you may have noticed FYR Cycene Ond Drinc opening its door about 2 months back. But are you as clueless as me on the pronunciation of the name of this restaurant. Well, it is pronounced as "Fire Kitchen and Drink". I got to know it during the media tasting. :)

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Product Review: Environ C-Boost & RAD SPF15

As a very vain person, I am always on the look out for products that can help my skin be in a better condition. I believe that great skin set a good base to look better with or without make-up.  Recently, I discovered 2 products (Environ C-Boost & Environ RAD SPF 15) and I can't wait to share with you gals.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Cafe Hopping: Project Açaí at Holland Village

Do you agree with me that we are getting more and more educated in terms of body wellness and health. I remember when I was younger, fit and healthy. As we age, we must exercise and eat our meals on a regular basis. Nowadays, there are more and more healthy choices for us. Project Acai is one such example. It is Singapore's first acai superfood cafe. Acai (pronounced as ah. sign. ee) berry is actually a fruit grown wild atop Palm trees native to the Amazon rainforest. Packed with high antioxidants, fibers and omega 3, 6, 8, it is claimed to fight free radicals damage, prevent cancer and delay signs of aging. Wow! Say yay to overall wellness! 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Cafe Hopping: D'Good Cafe @ Holland Village

I have a confession to make. Although I am no longer in my sweet sixteen or in sassy twenties, I love swings. Sitting on the swing at D'Good Cafe brings back fond memories and gives me a sense of peace, love and serenity. Several weeks ago, I joined Ian, Pauline, Shirley and Sihan for a media tasting to try out some of the new items.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Cafe Hopping: Angelina Tea Room and Patisserie @ Capitol Piazza

Capitol Piazza
It is Finally here! Yes, at the Capitol Piazza, a new mall located adjacent to the Capitol Theatre, Angelina Tea Room And Patisserie has garnered more than 1 thousand likes on its facebook page way before it is opened its door to public. At its 2nd day of soft opening, together with HazelYue Qi and her boyfriend, we made our way down to Angelina after attending an event.